Secure Your Place at Connected Vehicles

Join us at Dorset Innovation Park on Wednesday, 16th October 2024 for this exciting and insightful event.

D3IP is bringing together the industry and subject matter experts setting the direction when it comes to in-vehicle technology; public sector agencies looking to exploit connected vehicles to achieve their public safety objectives; and the regulation and policy makers creating the law and setting the standards for this emerging area.

Insightful & Thought-Provoking Sessions

Expert speakers will be focusing on:

  • The connected vehicle landscape: where we are now and the pace of development in to the future.
  • Potential cyber threats that arise through connected vehicles.
  • The ethics of smart tech in controlling vehicles.
  • Data: the hidden emissions of a connected vehicle.
  • Connected vehicles in a smart city environment.
Three experts taking part in a panel at a previous D3IP event.
A man with a VR headset on flying a remote-controlled drone, with the display shown on a screen.

Problem-Solving Demos & Showcases

Get involved in immersive activities taking place during the expo:

  • A dedicated defence challenge tackled through interactive demonstrations.
  • A dedicated law enforcement challenge tackled through interactive demonstrations.
  • Showcasing and networking spaces for industry to exhibit products and services, as well as arranged meetings with event delegates.

D3IP Events

D3IP events facilitate collaboration between public sector organisations in sectors like defence and law enforcement, industry experts, regulation and policy makers, subject matter experts, and academia.

Our expos focus on key thematics, utilising all that knowledge and experience to comprehensively explore subjects like Autonomy, Connectivity, and Mixed Reality.

We also organise and manage smaller-scale events to unpick customer problem sets, showcase industry capabilities, and more.

Check out the highlights from our previous expo: Autonomy Unleashed.

Forge connections and share knowledge with experts perfectly placed to deliver collaboration and co-creation.

Delve into sessions that explore the thematics shaping the future of defence, law enforcement, and security.

Be inspired by leading innovators to make change and develop the capabilities that will shape the future of technology.